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unable to login into indx.money account

login account

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#1 Новичок 819718637566 (WMID 819718637566 )

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  • Webmoney BL

Отправлено 03 июня 2022 - 16:12

Hello, I am unable to create and login into indx.money account.

can anyone help

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#2 Знаток ! добрый торговец ! (WMID 217358758215 )

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  • Webmoney BL

Отправлено 04 июня 2022 - 01:24

Hello, I am unable to create and login into indx.money account.

can anyone help




1. Terms of Access

1.1. By registering as a Trader you state and guarantee that:

  • You agree with the provisions of the Terms of Use;
  • You have read and accepted the Rules of Internet Exchange Operations;
  • You are an authorized user of the Webmoney system and have no less than a formal passport. Information and documents submitted by you as part of the Webmoney system authentication procedure are valid, authentic, and current;
  • You are the legal owner of the instruments (property rights) you use to replenish your INDX account and that these instruments were received from a legal source;
  • The use of INDX Services does not violate legislation in the jurisdiction of your place of residence;
  • You are informed of the risks arising in relation to the use of the Services provided by INDX. Among such risks is the chance of loss of all your instruments in your trading account if the market situation changes against you;
  • You will not engage in activities designed to manipulate the market in any form, whether independently or with other parties, including not engaging in spoofing or similar activities;
  • Any account information (external address) specified by you for withdrawal of instruments from your portfolio belongs to you and you are in full control of this address;
  • You are not a resident in any territory whose jurisdiction forbids services provided by Webmoney. If it is found that you have provided invalid information concerning your place of residence, INDX may immediately close your account and dispose of all open positions at the current market price.

Get support at support@indx.market

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